Saturday, April 23, 2011

Devastation of the Japan Tsunami: Helping Animal Survivors

Cat Survivors or Japan's Cat Island!
I think we are all still in shock as images of the devastation in Japan flash across screens everywhere, wondering what can we possibly do to help? Personally, I couldn't help but wonder and worry about the animals survivors of Japan and where would the surviving pets go now? If their families are forced to leave their home or whatever is left of it, what about their four legged friends? I read of so many folks, unwilling to do this, putting themselves at risk, unable to part with their pet. I too would have a problem leaving my cat, Baby behind, either we both go or we both stay, she is my family! What an unbelievably difficult time this must be for Japanese families, to survive this disaster, only to face heart breaking decisions involving their pets -- Pets that provide unconditional love, even now, and can provide a sense of comfort to a family in turmoil!
Like most animal rescue efforts, saving the surviving animals in Japan will take a lot of work and commitment from many people, especially with a huge disaster like this! I was incredibly pleased when I read about all the organizations involved with relocating and caring for some of these animals, either temporarily or permanently, the good news is that there are many people willing to help.
Post your own story here or perhaps you have heard of a heartwarming animal story that you simply must share! I would love to hear from you and feature it here so that others can read about some of the good things that occur in this world as a result of animal interaction!