Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Relax at your next trip to the Vet: Can Scrubs really make a difference?

As many times as we have boxed up our kitties in their carriers and prepared them for that long trip to the Vet's Office it never seems to get any easier. I don't know who is more apprehensive, us or the shivering pets, some of them sick, entering an intimidating Veterinarian's office for the first time. On a recent trip to a new Vet in town, scheduled to get several of our rescue cats neutered, I couldn't believe my eyes as we were greeted by a warm and friendly office staff wearing fun custom made scrubs in beautiful pastel shades like pink and blue.

I am still not sure if it was us or the cats but the environment in this office made a huge difference in our experience that day. Taking a pet to the Doctor is already stressful so as a pet parent, you have to be as calm as possible so your pet won't become rattled and have to be medicated, restrained or worse.  The women in the office told me that they had their scrubs custom made to fit their new animal friendly office design by going to Blue Sky Scrubs, online at

I was actually so impressed that I am ordering some for myself! I just can't decide on the color!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Best Care for all Pets

Even during these challenging economic times, most families I know consider their pet a part of the family and would never scrimp on their routine veterinary care, pet meds, nutritional food, exercise and of course the loads of love that they so richly deserve! I can tell you first hand that rescuing and caring for dozens of stray cats is not an easy or inexpensive venture but the alternative is not one that I am willing to consider. Most of the homeless and abandoned kittens and cats that I come across in my rescue efforts are still quite young and simply need basic pet care, a spay/neuter procedure and a little TLC to transform them into an adoptable angel. If I had one wish it would be that all animals would have a forever home with a family that cares for them and appreciates all the incredible qualities that pets seem to bring out in people.

That said, we all know that caring for even one pet can be quite a commitment, financially and physically, so I will share a few tips that I have learned over the years caring for my own pets as well as some of our rescue cats.
  • First, find a local Veterinarian that you and your pets are comfortable with and trust so that this process is as painless and price-friendly as possible
  • Second, find a reputable online site to purchase your pet meds so you can stock up in a flash. Especially if you are busy, with multiple critters, an online source is a real time and money saver! You can also pick up toys and treats at the same time saving on shipping costs
  • Hopefully you have been able to find a healthy diet for your pet however, if you do have a problem you can report complaints about a pet food product electronically through the Safety Reporting Portal or you can call your state’s FDA Consumer Complaint Coordinators 
  • Always Always Always make arrangements to spay or neuter your pet. There are Low Cost Programs now in most areas
The human-animal bond is a mutually beneficial and dynamic relationship between people and animals that is influenced by behaviors that are essential to the health and well-being of both. This includes, but is not limited to, emotional, psychological, and physical interactions of people, animals, and the environment. The way we care for our animals is a big part of this incredibly special union.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Damn Good Dog

Guest post of the week by Val Flores
I am a girl of the South. I am a product of the University of Georgia. Growing up in the suburbs outside of Atlanta, Saturdays were spent playing outside and listening to Larry Munson call UGA football games. At 18 I knew my fate rested in acceptance to UGA. Once enrolled, football Saturdays took on new meaning to be in the city, in the stadium where the “Silver Britches” played with heart and soul week after week. As much as the Redcoat Marching Band and players marching through the “Dawg Walk” are the epitome of football Saturdays in Athens, so was Larry Munson. He was the voice of the Bulldogs for over 42 years, missing calling commentary for only one game of his career at UGA following a surgery. He made no excuses for his partiality to UGA. His passion for the game and enthusiasm for UGA in both winning and losing seasons is what made him a legend. He coined phrases and colored plays like no other. Big names come and go in university circles- stellar athletes, notorious coaches, and even famous alumni, but there is no greater legend at the University of Georgia than Larry Munson. It is for this reason that Georgia fans watched the Bulldogs on Direct tv but turned their TV’s on mute, so they could listen to the real voice of Dawgs. Sadly, the Bulldog Nation lost our voice on the evening of November 20, 2011, outside of Athens, Georgia. Those are going to be some tough “hobnailed boot[s]” to fill.