Friday, January 13, 2012

When I was in Miami

Guest written by our friend Mason Abbott
This one time when I was on vacation I was just getting to my hotel and my cell phone rang. I was in the mood for getting to the beach and drinking a pina colada but I was pulled from that fantasy back to reality. I was alerted that my home alarm system had been going off and the police were heading to my house. Since I live in Atlanta and I had just arrived in Miami there was not a whole lot I could do from that many miles away except worry and pray. I was mostly worried because my dog was in the house. I had asked my neighbor to feed him and walk him and take him out to play a few times a day so that I didn’t have to put him in a kennel for three days. As it turns out my neighbor was the one who set off the alarm on accident and couldn’t remember the code! Talk about a scare! I was just thankful that I had worked with to have my home secured.