Helping A Kat's Tale

The Kat's Tale is a Registered Charity and give tax receipts for donations of cash checks or credit cards.  For your convenience in mailing, there are donation forms in the “Forms & Agreements” section. You can also make your secure donation online via PayPal and receive an immediate confirmation of payment in addition to a tax receipt which will be mailed to you with our thanks.   Consider making a Basic Donation or a Sponsorship Donation.

Mail donations to:
A Kat's Tale
1441 Flickinger Ave
San Jose, CA 95131

Please see our “About Us” for information on how you can help through donations of many kinds other than money.   We do depend heavily on donations of money, supplies, and time.  We are a small organization run by a handful of volunteers and cannot do large fundraisers. 
We are a Registered Charity and give tax receipts for donations of cash or checks or payments made directly through PayPal.  For your convenience in mailing, you can print out a Donation Form to include with any of the following:
  • A Basic Donation is just that – a one time donation sent to us and we will mail you a tax receipt.
  • A Sponsor Donation is where you select a cat or kitten (from Cats currently being fostered and donate for their food ($25/month) or all their basic maintenance needs ($50/month).  This can be for one month or ongoing.  A sponsor can also donate for a cat’s medical needs which vary and are more substantial (contact me).  If a sponsor donation is a gift for a friend or a memorial, please make a notation and we will send out a
  • A Memorial Donation is a considerate way to show love and respect for a special pet who has passed away - either your own or that of a friend.  A Memorial Donation can also, of course, be given in memory of a person who has passed away.  They will receive a page printed by us with a photo of a cat being helped by the donation – or, if preferred, a photo of their cat which you email to us.  (Also, if desired, a photo of the cat in memory can be added to our “In Memory Of” section.) Just be sure to let us know what your preferences are and we will do our best to accommodate you.

If you cannot donate money, refundable recycles, consignment items or items we can sell on EBay – please keep in mind that we always need donations of towels, flannel sheets, carriers, kennels, stainless steel or ceramic food/water dishes, litter boxes, litter, cat food, catnip, and new scratching posts or new cat toys.  

If you have only time to donate, that is always appreciated.  Please call Kathy at at The Kat's Tale: 650-704-9798 to schedule a time to visit cats – playing and brushing are always needed.  We are located outside Modesto California.  Please see our Volunteer Application Form.