Monday, March 26, 2012


Thanks to Wm Rowe
Today was my bill paying day. I have everything organized on a website called Basically it is like an on-line file cabinet that organizes all of your bills. It keeps your payment history and alerts you to when things are due. It is a life saver for me, because I have never really been the most organized person! You can create a free account and there is absolutely no charge for the service. On your “home page” you link your on-line accounts to the site. For example, I linked my account with to my account folder. It automatically stores and saves all of the information and will e-mail me when I set it to. I made an e-mail alert for when I received the bill and one week before it is due. I don’t have any of my payments on auto-withdrawl because I like to check each statement, so knowing when they are due is clutch! I have also been able to put my cell phone, credit card, gas, electricity, and water on It is a great organizational tool and the best part about it is that it is free!

Feline Agenda - A Poem

All programs are choreographed
for her delight
a field's frenzied performance
or a leaf's minuet.
A tossed calico mouse
or one circling the house
Cat never doubts her claim
to delight, for all kinetics
shape diversion in flight.
Cat glissades by day,
goes stalking by night
makes perfectly clear
that all needs are a right
and firm fixed in feline agenda.

A poem in "These Fringes of Time"

by Thelma Shaw