Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Damn Good Dog

Guest post of the week by Val Flores
I am a girl of the South. I am a product of the University of Georgia. Growing up in the suburbs outside of Atlanta, Saturdays were spent playing outside and listening to Larry Munson call UGA football games. At 18 I knew my fate rested in acceptance to UGA. Once enrolled, football Saturdays took on new meaning to be in the city, in the stadium where the “Silver Britches” played with heart and soul week after week. As much as the Redcoat Marching Band and players marching through the “Dawg Walk” are the epitome of football Saturdays in Athens, so was Larry Munson. He was the voice of the Bulldogs for over 42 years, missing calling commentary for only one game of his career at UGA following a surgery. He made no excuses for his partiality to UGA. His passion for the game and enthusiasm for UGA in both winning and losing seasons is what made him a legend. He coined phrases and colored plays like no other. Big names come and go in university circles- stellar athletes, notorious coaches, and even famous alumni, but there is no greater legend at the University of Georgia than Larry Munson. It is for this reason that Georgia fans watched the Bulldogs on Direct tv but turned their TV’s on mute, so they could listen to the real voice of Dawgs. Sadly, the Bulldog Nation lost our voice on the evening of November 20, 2011, outside of Athens, Georgia. Those are going to be some tough “hobnailed boot[s]” to fill.

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