Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Relax at your next trip to the Vet: Can Scrubs really make a difference?

As many times as we have boxed up our kitties in their carriers and prepared them for that long trip to the Vet's Office it never seems to get any easier. I don't know who is more apprehensive, us or the shivering pets, some of them sick, entering an intimidating Veterinarian's office for the first time. On a recent trip to a new Vet in town, scheduled to get several of our rescue cats neutered, I couldn't believe my eyes as we were greeted by a warm and friendly office staff wearing fun custom made scrubs in beautiful pastel shades like pink and blue.

I am still not sure if it was us or the cats but the environment in this office made a huge difference in our experience that day. Taking a pet to the Doctor is already stressful so as a pet parent, you have to be as calm as possible so your pet won't become rattled and have to be medicated, restrained or worse.  The women in the office told me that they had their scrubs custom made to fit their new animal friendly office design by going to Blue Sky Scrubs, online at

I was actually so impressed that I am ordering some for myself! I just can't decide on the color!

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