Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Finally got it

This guest post from Doris Dillon
We finally got a t1 line in my office and it is make my job so much easier. My boss has got to be the least technologically inclined person on the planet and it makes it so hard for me to get my work done. For example, he still likes to fax things a lot more than he likes to use e-mail… Have you even seen a fax machine in the last five years? You should hear my clients when I tell them I'm going to fax them something. Also, he likes to send out a lot of paper letters, which means a lot of time for me spent addressing envelopes in buying stamps. He doesn't seem to understand that we could save a lot of money by setting this correspondence out via e-mail, either he doesn't understand or he just doesn't care. I do appreciate that he's all about tradition but when it comes to doing your business the right way I think it's important to stay current so you don't fall behind.

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