Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fur Friendly Films for your Cat

Does your cat follow you around at times, meowing with such persistence that you are convinced that she has something important to say .....If only she could find the right words. Her water and 5 food bowls are brimming, liter box is clean, and the basket of kitty toys guaranteed to entertain even the most finicky feline personalities are starting to collect dust!

Perhaps she needs a good movie. Seriously! Results to these fur-friendly films differ - My cat is only interested in the birds, while others cat captives sit silently for an hour or more.

With more cats living indoors these days, I am convinced that they simply become a bit bored, taking up bug hunting and human harassment to pass the time. Why not try a video made for cats!? Give it a go, you just never know what that cat has on her curiosity radar.

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