Monday, May 16, 2011

Cat Woman Extraordinaire: A Feline's Best Friend

Saying goodbye to Sneakette

Her Avatar is appropriately Lucky Cats and I can testify, after getting to know a little bit about Kathy Novelli, any cats that are fortunate enough to cross her path are very lucky indeed! Originally from Napa, California, Kathy took in more than 70 stray, hurt and homeless cats over an approximate 20 year period. She expertly advocates spay and neuter as the ultimate and only solution, caring for these otherwise helpless felines with her own money and creating a bond that easily earns her the title, "Cat Woman Extraordinaire". Read more about Kathy helping furry friends in need! 
But that was just the beginning! Kathy and her partner Al decided to pack up, cats in tow and moved to a much roomier old style ranch with tons of character in Kansas that they fixed up to be an absolutely beautiful dream home for them and their ever increasing family of feline friends. The love and care that they give to these otherwise unwanted and forgotten cats is an example of humankind at its best. I get the feeling however that if you ask Kathy, she will tell you that she loves caring for her cats and that she, without a doubt, is the lucky one!
I say that if there were more people like Kathy and Al - the world would be a much better place for all of us!

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