Monday, May 23, 2011

Fix Every Kitty in the City: All pets deserve a safe loving home

This post is an effort to reduce the number of homeless cats and kittens that roam the streets and fields daily looking for food. The only way to accomplish this is by reducing the sheer number of these animals without loving permanent homes. By spaying or neutering your own cat and/or sponsoring a cat or donating to an organization that does this at a reduced fee, you are preventing unbelievable suffering and becoming a part of the solution!
Because of the pet overpopulation problem, more people are spaying/neutering their felines now than ever before. Over 10 million dogs and cats in the United States alone are being put to death by euthanasia each year in animal shelters because there are no homes for them. And, the great majority of these animals are perfectly healthy, friendly and young. Because of this, great care should be taken to prevent pets from unplanned breeding, or breeding without homes available and waiting for the babies. The best solution to this problem is to spay your female pets and neuter your male pets.
There are many benefits to having your pet spayed or neutered. For females, having them spayed will prevent them from going through any more heat cycles. Un-spayed females normally come into heat several times a year, and these cycles can last from several days to several weeks, and include such behaviors as spraying of urine (yes, females can spray, too!!), marking with urine, howling, and some other obnoxious behaviors. Neutering a male before he reaches puberty almost always prevents completely the development of all mating behavior, which includes spraying urine and marking territory with urine, and the desire to roam outside searching for a mate. This in itself puts the cat at great risk for injury or even death from being hit by cars; being the object of human cruelty; infection and disease from other cats; death from natural predators, and cat fighting.
So be sure to schedule surgery for your own pet and if you are able to help with our fix every kitty in the city program, please support your local non-profit spay/neuter clinic by either donating or sponsoring a pet. Be part of the solution! We thank you! 

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