Saturday, May 28, 2011

My Baby is now a Senior Striped Tabby Cat

Yes, my adorable little 2 week old kitten that I fed with a bottle over 14 years ago is showing her age. She moves a little slower, shows her temper and wants things her way always - which, by the way, isn't much different from most cats I know, she is just a bit more spoiled I guess. It has always amazed me how much she really mimicked me, like my own child! If I had fur and stripes, you couldn't even tell us apart, I swear! She even follows me in the bathroom in the morning to have her make up applied just loving the sable brush across her furry face.

If I lose weight, she loses weight, if I don't like something, she will typically feel the same way, a true Mother-daughter relationship. Many people notice this strange phenomena with their pets - don't they? A family resemblance? OK, well humor me. And she has a little cowlick on top of her head just like me, except I use gel, she uses flea gel.  We are the perfect pair, my Baby and I as she snoozes beside me as I type away. She looks at me right about this time signaling me that it is time to go to bed and off we go. I can't imagine life without her. She will always be my Baby even when she hits 100, cat years willing.

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